Option 1: Boil (Recommended)

  1. Bring water in a pot to boiling point
  2. From frozen (no need to defrost!) cut off the label off meals and submerge in boiling water
  3. Set timer according to cooking instructions and close lid. (Note: You may boil more than one meals together to save time but monitor the different timings based on the instructions)
  4. Plate your meals and enjoy!

Option 2: Microwave

  1. From frozen (no need to defrost!), cut off the label and cut a 1cm opening in the side of the pack
  2. Microwave according to times on each the label
  3. Remove from microwave and enjoy your meals!

Option 3: Chef Mode

Let your inner chef out and use the ingredients as you see fit! You may pan-fry or bake in an oven and mix with other ingredients/seasoning.

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